Africanfuturist movies


My Box, 3mins, London, 2003

Out the box thinking, pandora’s box or heavyweight boxing: this story of anger, aggression and impending violence, ends inconclusively but more optimistic than how it started.

An incident in the dark 2.21 mins, London 2010

British actor, Vinta Morgan reads an extract from Ralph Ellison’s introduction to his 1952 novel, Invisible Man.

Rhythm Nation, 60 secs, Accra 2007

Rhythms is one of a series of seven snapshots of everyday life in the nation of Ghana in the year of it’s fiftieth anniversary. Shot in the suburbs of Accra, each tradesperson in the film is authentic. Props to Club Beer for sponsoring this valuable record. Director George Gyima, Creative Director: Hector Peterssen

Anti Muni 60 secs, Accra 2007

Anti Muni provides home-cooked take away food. The woman serving and her customers are real. The message is clear; you can’t do this in Germany, but this is how we do it in Ghana. Directed by Russel Eni, Creative Director, Hector Peterssen.

Black and Blue, 2.23 secs, London, 2010

Clare Johnson and Niles Asherbar Hailstones perform Louis Armstrong’s classic lament.

Anadwo ye de, Night is sweet, 1.30mins, Accra 2007

A triangular traffic island at the far end of Oso RE, wedges between Papaye fast food, Lizzy Spot, and a bunch of food sellers, and incubates a dynamic ecosystem of hepcats who stop to buy units. Soundtrack by L’ll Kim.

I don’t Understand This, 1.30mins,

London, 2011

As he emerges from the courthouse, a group of reporters gather to hear what he has to say. All eyez on Vinta Morgan.

After Church, 2008

Sponsored by Duck Soap, Happy Couple is a gentle comedy. A boy and girl spend a minute or so alone together in the communal compound between their homes. Director: Ramesh Jai, Creative Director: Hector Peterssen.

St Paul’s Leaves

Autumn is the best season. No doubt. Munich grows her trees tall and fluffy, like straightened squirrel tails. That day, our afternoon shadows on stilts raked through the infinite salad of fiery red, brown and yellow leaves.

ZINC (1st Draft)

Vinta Morgan is Zinc.
Original Script by Julius Ayodeji
Produced and Directed by Hector Peterssen, this is the earliest rough cut, watch this space.